School stories

International School Savremena provided its students with an opportunity to express their knowledge and compete with their peers from around the world. Year 12 students Elena Ćuća and Una Ivanović took part in the Owlypia online competition and accomplished amazing results. Elena won FIRST place in the Science and Technology subject area while Una was sixth in the world in Art and Design.

Successful Owlypians

By participating in the Owlypia competitions in five different subject areas (Social Studies, Art & Design, Literature & Culture, Science & Technology, Economics & Business), Elena and Una shared their creative ideas, developed their multidisciplinary academic skills, unlocked their potential, built self-confidence, developed collaborative teamwork skills and created new friendships. Savremena’s super-achievers competed with others internationally, showing their knowledge and skills in their favourite subject areas. This was a chance for them to grow and develop as individuals in every capacity.

Savremena’s owls

Across the world, owls are a symbol of intelligence, perspective, brilliance, wisdom, knowledge and independence. It is believed that this intriguing nocturnal bird also inspires knowledge and wisdom, bringing mysteries out of the dark. The Owl, the mascot of this competition, represents these qualities, but we can easily prescribe all of this to our amazingly intelligent students.

Owlypia is a very fun and engaging quiz. The topics are mostly based on books and movies which makes the challenge seem more like a trivia than a traditional test. The quiz itself is compiled of 90 interesting multiple-choice questions and you are given 90 minutes to complete them. The quiz requires no boring and meticulous preparation but instead they provide entertaining videos, classic hit movies and intriguing books. The quiz encourages you to pay attention to detail and train your memory, which are useful skills that can be applied in school as well – Una explains. As someone who greatly appreciates architecture and art in general, Una’s high position in this competition did not come unexpectedly.

To the world’s number one, Elena Ćuća, preparing for this competition was the easiest thing to do: When I first read about Owlypia it intrigued me because it is unlike any other competition I’ve seen before. The research materials were very fun and interesting and I noticed that I already knew a good amount of them from the past, which made the preparation for the competition easier. The results were really positively surprising, and they motivated me to work even harder and achieve even more in the future.

Elena and Una challenged their limits intellectually and represented themselves and the school in the best possible way. We are pleased and honoured for having these super-girls. Thank you for making us proud.