School storiesUčenici Savremene na letnjim školama

Savremena’s students are making the most of yet another summer break! Elena Ćuća, Anja Gajić and Mihailo Jovanović are currently in New York, while Nikola Dabović, Aleksandra Milović and Ana Jeremić are in Great Britain. They have seized a great opportunity to experience the world’s top universities and gain valuable experience that will mean a lot to them if they decide to prepare for studying abroad.

Very good cooperation between Savremena and Kingdom Education 

Thanks to very good cooperation between Savremena and the organization Kingdom Education, the students who applied and realised this possibility are getting acquainted with British and American colleges, academic environment and student life. 

Savremeni gimnazijalci na letnjoj školi

The precious experience gained in this manner can be quite helpful when it comes to deciding about the further course of their education, as it provides a unique simulation of living and studying there, after thorough preparation provided by Savremena. That way, students are prepared for college life as if they were attending Allison Academy or some other elite American school.

This way, through unique programmes, during their time abroad, in addition to collecting valuable first-hand information, they can acquire a wide range of new knowledge and skills, participate in debates and solve challenging tasks.

Another year marked by fierce competition

As in the years before, securing a place on summer student campuses was no small feat for the students around the world. Savremena’s students showed dedication and determination from the very start of the application process, taking all their tasks that finally led them to their goal quite seriously among some rather fierce competition. The contenders were required to write a letter of motivation and an essay on a given subject in order to present themselves in the best possible light.

Excellent opportunity to upgrade academic knowledge and make new friends

Savremena always supports its students’ activities that lead to gaining precious new experience and open the door to their further advancement. Experiences of this kind are important because they not only provide a chance to upgrade their academic knowledge, but also offer excellent conditions for making new acquaintances and become friends with their peers from all over the globe.

Savremeni gimnazijalci na letnjoj školi

Congratulations to Elena, Anja, Mihailo, Nikola, Aleksandra and Ana; we can hardly wait to hear more from them about this unforgettable experience!