School stories

On 21, 22 and 23 February, International School Savremena looked a lot like Broadway theatres!

During these three days, Savremena’s students showcased their talents, and appeared in large numbers at the audition for a school musical. Monologues and melodies of popular songs reverberated through the hallways, and we could also see the still-developing dance moves of talented students.

A school that supports students’ talent development

Savremena’s students proved what great actors, singers and dancers they are, and the end-of-the-year school plays always bring about the feeling of great delight.

The idea of a new challenge comprising all of the talents of Savremena’s students had been cooking for a long time, so they were delighted by the news that this year they would be preparing something completely different a musical!

A great desire to participate in the creative process motivated Savremena’s students to apply for the audition and turn Savremena’s classrooms into a meeting place for all those who love acting, dancing, singing, and who wish to develop their talents further on stage. Savremena’s talented students tried to stun the jury with their talents, and entertaining and creative acts with no fear in sight.

Sneak peek into a truly different performance

Savremena’s students will show their talents through acting, dancing and singing in a musical resembling the famous film Grease. Watching the fun and well-known love story, the audience will be able to enjoy humorous, satirical and serious performances by Savremena’s students, who will surely make this play unforgettable and truly different.

Congratulations to everyone who was brave enough to show their skills, especially to those who will be performing on stage in front of a large audience in June. We are looking forward to the new, even more creative and entertaining Savremena’s play!