School stories

Mr Zoran Grubišić, Belgrade Banking Academy professor, visited International School and held a lecture on investment opportunities. The lecture was attended by Year 11, 12 and 13 Business students, Year 12 Economics students, and some Lower Secondary students as well.

Professor Grubišić introduced the students to the current possibilities of investing in gold, oil, shares on foreign exchanges, bonds, and the crypto market, as well as how it is all combined in the current situation in which the world economy is, and talked about the so-called portfolio management.

The lecture gave students new perspectives

The students learned about the characteristics of cryptocurrencies and what makes them different from traditional currencies. They also heard more about crypto exchanges and the risks and opportunities that they bring with them. All the information that was provided to students was very useful.

International School students enjoyed the lecture which gave them new perspectives. With the help of professor Grubišić and Business teacher Ms Marija Milić that organised this visit, the students expanded their knowledge in this area of their interest.