Become an International School student for a day

Find out what it's like to attend the most modern Cambridge school in the region

Countdown to Open Day
2021/05/15 11:00:00

45 Šumatovačka Street, Vračar

Saturday, 15 May 2021, 11 AM

A truly different education. Interactive, innovative lessons in accordance with the Cambridge programme. Modern teaching methods and experienced teachers and mentors. 

Register for the IS Open Day scheduled for Saturday, 15 May starting from 11 AM, and learn everything about the International School. Experience international education first-hand and find our why our students’ feedback is the best recommendation.

Register now and reserve a spot at the school which, together with students and parents,  carefully creates a promising future for all students.

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* Due to epidemiological reasons, the number of persons who can be inside the school at the same time is limited. Apply now and reserve your Open Day spot.

What will you experience as an International School student?

For one day, students will step into the shoes of International students, while the parents will experience what it’s like for their children to attend an international school that supports and implements the highest standards in contemporary education. Together they will have a peek into state-of-the-art classrooms, amphitheatres, library, learning centre, gym, recreation space, and other rooms, and get to know the school surroundings.

We have designed interesting educational activities where we will use practical examples to answer frequently asked questions. Moreover, a whole segment of the event will be dedicated to students’ and parents’ questions. Take a look at what you can expect at the IS Open Day.


Welcome to the International School!

At the school entrance, you will be greeted by the Principal and School Coordinator. They will present all the activities you will be able to enjoy throughout the event.

  • First encounter with the school
  • Open Day agenda
  • Making acquaintances

About the Cambridge Programme

What are Cambridge Programme lessons like? How are they different from the ones in the National Programme? How can secondary students benefit from this type of lessons? The School Coordinator will answer all your questions about the programme.

  • Cambridge Programme features
  • Cambridge instruction benefits
  • what are the teacher requirements for the Cambridge Programme?

A tour around the school

Together we will go on a tour around this future-ready school. After the tour, the students will go in groups to the modern classrooms and the Science Lab, where they will prepare for lessons, while the parents will have special activities in the school cafeteria.

  • Futuristic design and functional space
  • Intelligent Classroom equipped with modern technology
  • Ergonomic furniture

International School lessons

Through problem solving, the students will gain practical knowledge that will open the doors to the world of education. This time, the students will participate in interactive lessons that will open up new horizons.

  • 12:30–1 PM: Chemistry lesson
  • 1–1:30 PM: Physics lesson
  • 1:30–2 PM: History lesson

Distance Learning System

While the students are attending the lessons, the parents will get to know the Distance Learning Platform, which enables them to follow their child’s school progress at all times, including attendance, marks, homework statistics, library books, and online lessons.

  • A simple way to follow student progress
  • Learning materials available 24/7
  • All school obligations in one place


Finally, we will sum up this unforgettable day together. The students and parents will share their experiences, while our counsellors will be there to answer any question.

  • Sharing experiences
  • Student feedback on the International School
  • Parents’ observations

Find out everything you would like to know about the International School

If you’re interested in attending the International School but still have some questions, become an International School student for a day and find out first-hand what makes this school so special.

What can the students expect?

» Lessons (physics, chemistry, history)
» A sense of international belonging
» Innovative teaching methods
» Technology-aided learning
» Inspiring extracurricular activities

What can the parents expect?

» A 40% tuition fee discount
» Curricular and extracurricular activities
» Meetings with the principal and the teachers
» Highlighting Cambridge programme benefits
» Practical presentation of the DL platform

An education that opens global opportunities

Owing to its carefully designed approach implemented in top-quality educational institutions around the world, the International School provides students with a unique secondary education experience. The holistic approach implemented by the International School requires students to strive for excellence, and motivates them to seek new challenges and aspire towards the highest standards.

What does the International School offer its students?

Recognised Cambridge diplomas

ICE and AICE Cambridge diplomas are a gateway to renowned universities around the world and jobs in leading global companies.

Interdisciplinary lessons in English

Communication at the International School takes place entirely in English, which prepares students for an international education and life in any country in the world.

Comprehensive extracurricular activities

Sports activities, visits to museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres… These are just some of the activities students can enjoy at the International School

Modern teaching technology

The International School is a paperless school that promotes the full use of technology in teaching. Computers, tablets, VR devices, robots, Samsung Gear, and other devices.

Experienced teachers and mentors

Dedicated teachers, who are also mentors, have a vast experience in education, and pride themselves in participating in numerous educational events.

Student-oriented approach

Small-sized classes enable teachers to dedicate 100 per cent of their attention and energy to each student. This is why the students achieve so well.

Talent-developing clubs

The Book Nook, the Art Club, Exploring France and Hatha Yoga are some of the clubs the International School has designed for its students. Here, talent knows no limits.

Inspiring learning environment

Learning at the International School is completely tailored to the students’ needs. Should they experience any difficulties, the students can ask their mentors for assistance.

Become an International School student for a day! Find out how to become a successful educational leader

Education determines the future of each child and guides them towards good decisions. However, knowledge isn’t the only important aspect in forming a child’s personality. What also matters are manners, good behaviour, self-esteem, open-mindedness, the acquisition and application of modern technological innovation, etc. At the International School, your child will gain these and many other qualities.

If you’re interested in secondary education that meets the highest global standards, register here and step into the shoes of International students and parents. Spend an unforgettable day in a school that’s synonymous with the prestigious Cambridge education.

Register for the International School Open Day

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