Christmas and New Year have always been symbolically powerful, carrying a sentiment of kindness. This is why Savremena’s Art and Design teacher, Anja Jovović, organised a workshop to inspire students to take the time and do something nice, through the prism of creativity. Ms Jovović had an idea of students decorating empty bottles and then putting in handwritten notes for someone special to them.

Bringing back messages in bottles

Each student was provided with an empty bottle, paints, different materials and a piece of paper. Year 10 student, Jovana Petrović, brought a whole bunch of DIY materials while other students had to bring their creativity and a special someone in their minds – someone they dedicated their project to.

With digital communication dominating all others, it was a great idea to rewind, back to a simpler time, when messages in bottles were a thing. Through conversation the students were instructed to pick a person, someone precious to them, to whom they would like to dedicate their craftwork. They didn’t have to explicitly name the person, which made cooperating easier, with teenagers being endlessly awkward with their emotions. Then, while thinking of memories with that person, they painted on the bottles, creating unique pieces of art.

Expressing feelings through art

For many people, it’s easier to translate their emotions into visual forms than words. Art is the language of emotion. It is the only area of knowledge that humans can use to express themselves to the fullest.

Considering the intense positivity of the project, many students were proud to share their stories and memories, which had a therapeutic value. Finished bottles make unique New Year’s presents that anyone would be proud to receive.

With assessment week being so stressful for the students, this project helped them recover from the intense state of mind through creativity, but it also had a much needed impact on their personal development.

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