Geography teacher Vladimir Milošević has a degree from the Faculty of Geography at the University of Belgrade. In the future, he plans on specialising in geographical information systems – GIS. During his studies, he acquired experience by volunteering at World Youth Wave, as the international communications team coordinator and a member of an education team. In addition, he has managed training and conferences at various international organisations and companies. He gained his first experience as a teacher while working at the 8th Belgrade High School.

By working at International School he hopes to narrow the gap between the students and geography and IT by using modern technology and other means of education which this school has to offer, as well as demonstrate the practical use of geography in everyday life and in business. He specifically focuses on critical thinking development, which he considers is the key for each child’s further development, advancement, and success.

He is a lover of history and computer sciences. In his spare time, he likes to send time with his friends, travel, read historical books, learn how to programme and watch films.

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