Physics teacher, Ana Vlašić, earned her BA and MA at the School of Electrical Engeneering in Belgrade, at the Nanoelectronics, optoelectronics and laser technics department. Her master thesis was based on an experiment executed in collaboration with the Laboratory for plasma spectroscopy and lasers, at the Institute of Physics in Zemun. Her partiality for working in the laboratory guided her to enrol at the Faculty of Physics, to get a PhD in experimental physics. Her dissertation is being developed in collaboration with the Laboratory of material physics in extreme conditions. Results achieved so far have been presented at international conferences.

She decided to share her love of physics with young, promising people. Her intention as an ISS teacher is to guide her students towards the solution using both the shortest and the longest way, so that any fear of physics disappears. They will learn to make sense of any problem and not to give up until everything has been cleared. Physics makes the world go round, which students will be able to see through many real life examples.

Ana spends her spare time with friends and family, entertaining them with movies, shows and games. She has a passion for cooking, and loves attending cooking classes. Her week is not complete without regular exercise at the gym.